USA, Places and Geographic Features Map


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This is our most popular map! Students label the fifty states, capitals, large cities, mountain ranges, deserts, forests and other physical features using the symbols in the Map Key.  See the colored-in version of this map here by clicking on the small image at the lower left of the black and white map!

We also offer a VIDEO for this map, one that takes your students through the labeling of the map!  Jason Newton, our cartographer, narrates a clear step-by- step way to effectively label and color the features of our map(s). Each student will enjoy learning how to be a cartographer. Each student’s map will be unique!  Click HERE to go to the video page for this map!

ALSO– When you purchase this map, be sure to see our free access digital file about the MISSISSIPPI RIVER,  for use with your projector/whiteboard.  Click HERE for free access to this MISSISSIPPI RIVER file, which is part of our CartoCraze! Expanded Map Workshops!

BONUS Halloween Activity: Check out a fun way to do some spooky Halloween geography here.


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