Continents of the World Map


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Product Description

  • Generously sized – 16 inches x 20 inches, ideal for students to see details.
  • Outline map – perfect for shading & labeling with colored pencils.
  • Printed on sturdy paper and shipped flat – no folds, creases or curly papers!
  • Activities included on the map– use with “on-map” activities or your own lesson plan.

This map shows the outlines of all the continents.  Antarctica is shown separately in an inset.

Virtual/Distance Learning? Students and teachers can access our easy-to-follow video tutorials for completing map activities.

Students activities include:

  • Labeling continents
  • Labeling bodies of water
  • Drawing in major physical features of the world–  mountain ranges, deserts and large rivers

Inspire students to see the physical features of the continents, not just their names!

Designed with grades 1-6 in mind, but higher grades have found this map useful as well!

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