Civil War Map


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Product Description

  • Generously sized – 16 inches x 20 inches, ideal for students to see details.
  • Outline map – perfect for shading & labeling with colored pencils.
  • Printed on sturdy paper and shipped flat – no folds, creases or curly papers!
  • Activities included – use with “on-map” activities or your own lesson plan.


Our new Civil War map offers TWO maps in one! Many activities, all on the map!

Students create a complete geographic picture of the CIVIL WAR—all activities printed on the map! They have a complete MAP KEY to help them!


  1. Students label MAJOR BATTLES of the war, color-coding symbols for victors
  2. Map includes easy to read MAJOR BATTLE LIST of 35 major battles: listed by year, date and victor
  3. Easy labeling with SYMBOLS and BATTLE PLACE HOLDERS drawn-in on the map
  4. Students label GEOGRAPHIC DETAILS that affected the war: rivers and bodies of water
  5. Students use a MAP KEY to draw in Naval barricade areas, Sherman’s March, and additional cities.
  6. Decorative COMPASS ROSE indicates directions

Small inset: Students label and color:

  2. Missouri Compromise line
  3. Mason Dixon Line
  4. Label WESTERN TERRITORIES of Civil War period
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