CartoCraze! Expanded Map Workshop Membership


Product Description

Our premium membership which gives you school-wide access to over 40 content-packed workshop units focusing on different aspects of our amazing planet Earth.

  • Forever membership for your entire school* (*Terms of Use)
  • No renewal fees – ¬†ever!
  • Geared for grades 3-8
  • Seamlessly integrate with our hands-on paper maps
  • Conveniently organized into geographic areas
  • Over 40 Workshops containing 500+ activities and printables, plus all future content
  • Easy-to-use PDF format

CartoCraze! Membership Terms of Use

The CartoCraze! membership gives you forever access for your entire school (one physical address location) to our premium members-only content.


  • Share membership access with all teachers/faculty at your school so that all teachers and classrooms can access the CartoCraze! premium member content.
  • Share and distribute printable member content with all teachers/faculty at your school.


  • Reproduce or reuse in any form, exact or alternate forms, without the permission of the publisher, Map of the Month/Maps for the Classroom. All material is copyright protected.
  • Share, redistibute or post members-only content with anyone who is not included in your membership. This will result in the termination of the membership.

Member Benefits

  • Pay once, use forever. Pay a one-time member fee and your entire school staff will have unlimited access to premium member content.
  • Access over 40 map workshops. Fully-researched and loaded with over 500 interesting activities, plus all future content.
  • Map integration helper. Includes a complete listing of the CartoCraze! units and which desktop activity maps they integrate with.
  • Convenient PDF format. View online or download to your local computer. Includes printable activity worksheets.
  • Works hand-in-hand with our maps. Built as supplemental content for our over 80 desktop activity maps.
  • Use in group or individual settings. Project the workshop for classroom discussions or view individually on laptop or tablet.


Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive a separate email (in addition to your order confirmation email) containing a login username and password for your school’s use to access the CartoCraze! member content. If you forget or misplace your information, please contact us for login assistance.

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