Ways to use a North America Map!

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Our large blank desktop size activity map for NORTH AMERICA has so many classroom uses.   Information and supportive hand-to-paper skills, all in one map- and hands-on activity helps students remember geographic facts while having fun making a map.

On our map, the US states are outlined and students can label them.

Do you study the regions of the US? — if so, they can be easily outlined as well.

Those teachers presenting neighbors of the USA can have a full view of Canada and Mexico/Central America as well.

Students can label the provinces of Canada and the countries to the south.  Even the Caribbean islands are clearly presented and can be easily labeled.

How about geographic features?  

When your students work with this map, they learn also learn about the bodies of water and mountain ranges that make up North America.

In addition to political features, such as countries and regions, they also locate and draw in the major mountain ranges of the continent.

They label and learn where the oceans and smaller bodies of water are located.  Students locate rivers, and draw them on their maps.

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Take advantage of our FREE  online MAP CHALLENGE for North America.  This online workshop, to use with your Smartboard or projector,  takes your students through the labeling of the map, as well as adding extras, like maps from the past, information about the oceans, and more.

Students learn more about where the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meet, and the building of the Panama Canal.  They learn about comparing the largest island with one of the smallest.


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Students can compare and contrast old maps of North America with the modern one they are working on!

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Use this map for other subjects!

Students can have extra credit for learning about coral reefs, animals, history of regions, and get writing experience by using our MAP CHALLENGE for North America along with our comprehensive hands-on NORTH AMERICA map.

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