Treasure Map in your Classroom

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Do your students love stories about pirates and buried treasure?  They can make their own Treasure Map and learn all about land forms!





Millions of readers over the decades have been entranced by Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel TREASURE ISLAND!

When Stevenson was preparing his manuscript for the famous story of adventure, he drew his own map of his fictional island, to help him visualize the action.


Now your students can do the same thing with our free digital workshop, to be used with your classroom SmartBoard:

our newest Map Challenge is designed to be used along with our  TREASURE MAP.


Treasure map LANDFORMS!

Engage your students with map-making and story-writing as they make a map based on many landforms!  Here are just a few of the land form terms they will be introduced to and can incorporate into their maps:

Plains    Desert    Volcano    Valley    Forest   Swamp    Marsh   Bay    Cove    

Lagoon    Atoll    Harbor    Archipelago    Coral reef    River    Cape    

Fjord    Channel….. and more!


In addition, your students will have fun learning how to draw a compass rose in this Map Challenge!  We offer a section that gives simple and easy to follow directions.  They will want to draw one on their Treasure Map to indicate direction– and later than can be part of their unique story!

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As part of this month’s Map Challenge, your students will be inspired by the map Robert Louis Stevenson drew himself when he was writing his classic novel TREASURE ISLAND!  In the end, your students will write a story based on their island.


In the Map Challenge file, we share a story to inspire them!  It starts out like this….

“When the Coast Guard ship dropped me off at Thunder Cove, on the Island of Many Forms, I knew I had a big job ahead of me.  I would face many incredible adventures — and maybe even some desperate dangers! — on this strange island with its crazy and wonderful landmarks and features!  But I had to complete my mission.  On the far side of the island, in the Muggy Marsh on the edge of Hurricane Bay, was the one gadget that could save the world….”