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Texas Map


Generously sized – 16 inches x 20 inches, ideal for students to see details. Outline map – perfect for shading & labeling with colored pencils. Printed on sturdy paper and shipped flat – no folds, creases or curly papers! Activities included – use with “on-map” activities or your own lesson plan. TEXAS is one of […]

Step-by-Step Mapping – Texas


While your students complete the hands-on activities printed on each map, you can display the images of the Step by Step mapping as a guide to inspire them! View each stage of map activity completion (usually 4-6 steps) High resolution, full-color images in PDF format for use with computer, projector and whiteboard/smartboard Customizable. Easy and […]


DesertTortoise blog image

The deserts of the United States are home to many interesting desert animals. In order to survive, these animals have adapted to the harsh terrain of the arid landscape.   Small, hard and scrambling desert animal! THe MOJAVE DESERT forms a large part of southern California.  Within it are smaller desert areas, some with slightly different […]