Treasure Map


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Product Description

Students design and draw their own treasure or adventure map, guided by step-by-step suggestions. This map offers exercises in cartography and creative thinking!

  • Fun activities support the learning of many geographic terms!
  • Students draw a Map Key and illustrate the map itself.
  • They practice writing skills while labeling their map and completing directions on how to reach their treasure.
  • This map can also be used to design a one to go along with a special reading project!

TO GO ALONG WITH THIS MAP!   On this website, we offer a FREE digital file called a “Map Challenge”, to be used with your computers, projector or smartboard!  This  “Map Challenge” for our TREASURE MAP will allow you and your students to work even more in-depth with this hands on activity map.  The file will add information about geography, animals and culture.  To see the MAP CHALLENGE for our TREASURE MAP, click HERE!

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