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While your students complete the hands-on activities printed on each map, you can display the images of the Step by Step mapping as a guide to inspire them!

  • View each stage of map activity completion (usually 4-6 steps)
  • High resolution, full-color images in PDF format for use with computer, projector and whiteboard/smartboard
  • Customizable.
  • Easy and fun to use!

Step-by-Step Mapping is a digital product meant for projecting or viewing on a whiteboard, computer or other digital media. It is not a printable product, since the images are large and in high resolution which would make them unsuitable for a standard printer. Step-by-Step mapping is meant to be used with our printed maps, which are sold separately.

Ways to Use Step-by-Step Mapping

For an even “bigger” impact, use your computer along with an LCD projector for a “Super-size” map displayed on your whiteboard or other projection surface for the whole class to see. Want to add your own material to the geography lesson? Customizing is easy! If you are projecting the images onto a whiteboard, simply use a dry-erase marker and make any notes directly on your whiteboard for the entire class to view.

Note: If you purchase multiple Step-by-Step Mapping digital products on CD, all map files will come on one CD for your convenience.

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