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We are excited to be presenting A new FREE feature for our customers and their students!   We are calling it MAP CHALLENGE!

Our CHALLENGE was to integrate cross-curricular material with our maps!  We want to connect our maps to address literacy, science, math, art and other subjects– all with an eye towards reading and research too!   We are adding monthly MAP CHALLENGES, viewable in your class in PDF form!  They are like our new CartoCraze! product we have just added this fall– a way to use your projector to add valuable content to our maps, while supporting all topics you teach!

Each MAP CHALLENGE is like a workshop– how to complete our map in the best way, with additional information that ties right into the topic of the map!  Now you will be able to use your classroom technology with our maps.

See our first MAP CHALLENGE, which debuted this month of October– it goes along with our very popular BASIC SKILLS MAP!  CLICK HERE!

Next month, in November, we will add the MAP CHALLENGE for NORTH AMERICA!