Winter Olympics Geography in your Class

So many countries are participating in the Winter Olympics!

Here are some simple activities to stimulate your class to think about geography, inspired by the Olympic event!

SIMPLE QUESTIONS– that might need geography research!

  1. Who is the host country for the Winter Olympics?  What continent is this country located in?
  2. Which participating countries are located CLOSEST to the host country?
  3. Which countries participating in the Winter Olympics do not have a cold weather winter climate?  Where are they located on the globe, in what continents or areas?

Have your students mark the countries participating on a WORLD MAP!


Each country parades its flag in the opening ceremony.  When athletes win, their flags are prominently displayed.   They provide a colorful spectacle in the Olympic event! 

  1. Ask students to research how many country flags will display in the opening ceremony!
  2. Have students work in groups by continents.  Make flags for all the countries within the continent that will be at the Olympics!
  3. Think of a fun way to make a special USA flag to celebrate our involvement!   Here is a link about making flags for kids– here!
  4. Use paper plates to make country flags, like this activity– here!     



The official Olympic site is HERE!

You can see a full list of the Olympic events HERE!  

Have students research an athlete from a favorite event.  Describe the athlete and include these geography-related words to describe closely where he/she comes from





Body of water

Training location



2018 Olympic FUN FACT!

Pyeongchang’s freezing temperatures will be a challenge for athletes.

U.S. athletes will have an advantage with an opening ceremony uniform with a built-in heating unit!

Designer Ralph Lauren designed all the clothing for the athletes for the Winter events.

In each jacket, adjustable heaters are made from heat-conducting inks printed in the shape of an American flag.The flags, inside the jackets, are  connected to a battery pack, which will keep Team USA members warm for  11 hours!

(photo and drawing courtesy Ralph Lauren)








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