MAPPING All Mountains!


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Kids love drawing mountain ranges on to their maps.  By doing this, they can see how mountains are a part of a state, a country or a continent!

We always include the symbol for a mountain on each MAP KEY on our maps.  That way students see the little iconic image and can use it on a map to represent one mountain, maybe the highest in their state, or to depict a mountain range.

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In our CartoCraze! Expanded Map Workshops,  we offer a whole category devoted to MOUNTAINS.  Each workshop  is a digital file which can be used with a Smartboard or projector in the classroom.

cropped Männlichen alps

Students can explore Earth’s mountain regions in great detail, with 10 expanded map workshops and over 130 activities.

Each MOUNTAIN file adds content and cross curricular links our hands-on activity maps:  

The Alps— works with our EUROPE map

Appalachian Mountains— works well with any of our USA maps or our THIRTEEN COLONIES map

Denali— can be sued with our ALASKA map, NORTH AMERICA  or USA maps

Himalayas — adds information to our ASIA  and INDIA maps.

Rocky Mountains — works well with any of our USA maps or our NORTH AMERICA map

Andes — work well with our SOUTH AMERICA map or our MAYA/AZTEC/INCA map

Atlas Mountains— great for work with our AFRICA map

Great Dividing Range — adds information for use with our AUSTRALIA map

Mount Everest — adds information to our ASIA  and INDIA maps.

For example, our ALPS file has interesting features about the St Bernard Pass, and its history, maps to complete, animals of the region, historical information, writing exercises, vocabulary, reading list and more.  These  CartoCraze! Expanded Map Workshops,  can be used with a Smartboard or projector in your classroom.  These files not only add to the large hands on activity maps we know you love in your class, but they add to other topics you are teaching.

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Screen shot 2015-11-20 at 11.46.39 AM       ALP mts

AAWPE ibex alps bw 1