Map symbols in your classroom!


When kids are learning about maps, the MAP KEY is one of the first– and most fun!– aspects to learn about.

Different maps have different kinds of keys.  For instance, this map that shows where foliage in America is at its peak in the fall (something we have been interested in this season!), the Key represents the areas by COLOR!


Our own BASIC MAP SKILLS map has a hand-drawn KEY, similar to what a student might draw, depicting highlights of a small town– geographic features as well as locations of town highlights, like school, post office and library!


This map is  from the 1998 edition of Britannica Encyclopedia, of our home state of Rhode Island.  It has a KEY that represents political features, such as boundary lines, county seats, and capitals.


Want your students to learn more basics about maps?  Take advantage of our TEACHING TIPS!  Also for use with your classroom technology FREE MAP CHALLENGES.  This month you can see both BASIC MAP SKILLS and NORTH AMERICA HERE!