Have time for “Ten-Minute Mapping”?

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Want your students to absorb geographic knowledge, but don’t seem to have enough time?  How does TEN MINUTES daily sound to you?

Here at Map of the Month / Maps for the Classroom, we are advocates for what we have coined TEN MINUTE MAPPING.  Using our large desktop-size maps in small sections daily, students can gradually work through countries (like our own!), whole continents, even history maps, all in the course of a year.

Here is a small section of our most popular blank activity map– USA, PLACES AND GEOGRAPHIC FEATURES.

This small section of this map took just TEN MINUTES to complete!

Screen shot 2015-11-19 at 12.10.26 PMUSA BW

Completing the map in small TEN MINUTE bites like this, your students will absorb information that they will remember for a lifetime.  AND they have the fun and satisfaction of completing a large colorful map.  Many teachers tell us that their students keep these maps and display them at home– that even reinforces family learning!

USA color CC jpeg