Other Classroom Resources for Geography

geography resources and books

It is very helpful to have a range of resources– maps, atlases and globes– when working on our activity maps. Today students can use the internet to research, but it is wonderful to have other hands-on resources too when filling in details and labeling a map. Also, looking at different kinds of atlases allows students to see the way maps have looked in the past, and the many different styles that are employed to make maps today.

Maps and Atlas resources for geography lessonsAt Maps for the Classroom we have a library of geography books and atlases we have collected over the years. We encourage you to do the same! We have atlases that are up-to-date and show the world as it is today, as well as historical atlases that show countries of the world in previous times. We have books about ancient civilizations, American history, unusual animals from around the world as well as books about the earth and its surface, just to name a few! Some of our books are new and some are very old.

The best books have maps as well as text to explain how the geography of a region influences people who live there.

In addition to using your school and local libraries, you can build a library of geography-related books just for you own classroom, for reference and to learn more about the world, past and present. Be sure your maps are up-to-date and reflect the current state of the world.

You can buy new books — so many wonderful titles are available today. But if you have a limited budget for books, look for used or second-hand copies of books. Be sure to check your local or school library holdings. This gives you a chance to consider books you might like to buy inexpensively, through a local second-hand bookstore or a used book sellers online.