Teaching Tips

Map ResourcesIf you are looking for help (or a little inspiration!) on completing your geography activity map, check out our teaching tips below. We cover the basics and details that will really make your map stand out.

How to Label Small Areas on a Map

how to label small areas on a map
This “how-to” will show you two approaches for students to label small areas on a map.

A Step by Step Approach to Labeling Our Maps

steps to labeling our maps
A step-by-step approach from unfinished to finished map using our Western Canada “extras” map.

Color Choices


How do you make your map really stand out? Color, of course. See why the colors you choose are so important.

Other Classroom Resources for Geography

geography resources and books

Find out why it is so important to have a range of resources when completing a map.

Tips for Coloring & Shading Our Maps

map shading and coloring tips

Shading and coloring a map is a real art. Learn some tips that will make your map easy to read and look great!

Symbols in a Map Key

symbols in a map key

Not all map keys use the same symbols. Find out why symbols are so important when reading a map.

The Four Basic Stages of Completing a Map

Four Stages to completing a map

There are 4 basic stages or steps to completing a map. Learn why each step is important and how they build on one another.

Tools for Making Your Map Look Its Best

Tools for making your map look its best

Find out which writing tools are the best (and why) for completing a map.