Map Videos for Virtual & Distance Learning

With the increased demand for teaching tools to facilitate online and distance-learning initiatives, we have begun developing brand new video playlists that take students through completing each of our desk-sized geography activity maps.

Each map features a playlist that contains sequential videos that range from 10-15 minutes each. Our cartographer, Jason Newton, takes students step-by-step through labeling each map! Students can work at their own pace, pausing the video at any time to complete the work.

Teachers can still use our geography activity maps — even when distance learning or following a hybrid classroom approach! With access to an internet connection, students can find all of our playlists right on our Youtube channel!

We are making every effort to create video playlists for all of our maps and will release them on this page as soon as they are available.

USA Places and Geographic Features Mapping Series

(10 Videos)

Basic Map Skills/Oceanside Mapping Series

(6 Videos)

World Explorers Mapping Series

(11 Videos)

North America Mapping Series

(12 Videos)

New York State Mapping Series

(7 Videos)

Continents of the World Mapping Series

(7 Videos)

Massachusetts State Mapping Series

(9 Videos)

(13 Videos)

Africa Mapping Workshop Series

(13 Videos)

Asia Mapping Workshop Series

Europe Mapping Workshop Series

(10 Videos)

USA 5 Regions Map Workshop Series

(5 Videos)

North Attleborough, MA, Workshop Series

(3 Videos)

Thirteen Colonies map Workshop Series

(7 Videos)