Animals All Around Video Series

A long-term project using our Continents of the World map!

Designed with grades 3-6 in mind, this is a fun, new way to learn world geography through the study of 45 different animals found across the globe.

The videos are broken into mini-lessons: typically between 10-15 minutes each. All videos can be accessed below or on our YouTube channel.

BONUS: Download the 45-page printable PDF containing loads of supplemental info on each animal!

Looking for the accompanying maps and animal bookmarks? They can be purchased as a complete kit or individual maps and set of bookmarks.

All Videos

Video 1
Introduction (1:22)

Video 2
Getting Started
Grey Wolf, Blind Cave Fish, Wood Duck, Yonahlossee Salamander (17:08)

Video 3
Snowshoe Hare, Canadian Lynx, Whiskered Auklet, Hawaiian Hoary Bat, Desert Tortoise (17:15)

Video 4
Blue-footed Booby, Amazon River Dolphin, Alpaca, Hairy Armadillo (12:44)

Video 5
Greenland Shark, Icelandic Horse, Spotted Eagle Ray, Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Painted Snail (7:50)

Video 6
Canary, Wild Boar, Desert Horned Viper, Nile River Hippopotamus (12:57)

Video 7
Azores Cattle Dog, Alpine Ibex, Red Squirrel, Dalmation Pelican, Ural Owl (12:22)

Video 8
Pica, Long Eared Hedgehog, Giant Panda, Marbled Polecat (12:08)

Video 9
Euphrates Gerboa, Dung Beetle, Belalanda Chameleon, Antarctic Fur Seal, Strawberry Land Hermit Crab (12:02)

Video 10
Grey Kangaroo, Scarlet Chested Parrot, Tasmanian Devil, Kiwi (8:18)

Video 11
Giant Chinese Salamander, Giant Softshell Turtle, Ishikawa’s Frog, Philippine Eagle, Slender Loris (7:39)