Geography Community

Welcome to our geography community. We are putting together many of the resources you’ve come to love — all in one place. Check back often as we are continually adding new things for you use in the classroom.

Finished Maps

Many of the teachers and educators who use our maps like to have a completed map that can be viewed on a smartboard or projected for enlarged classroom viewing. We now have available fully completed maps in PDF format which make great reference tools.

Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

If you are looking for help (or a little inspiration!) on completing your geography activity map, check out our teaching tips below. We cover the basics and details that will really make your map stand out. (8 Articles)


Newsletter for Teachers

Our newsletters feature interesting ways to use our maps by using traditional pencil-on-paper skills, penmanship, coloring, artistic presentation as well as supporting 21st century classrooms with digital files and whiteboard/SmartBoard technology!