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Exceptional Atoll

An ATOLL is a very unique geographic  feature.  It looks like an island with a large central water-filled area.   It is a ring-shaped reef, island, or chain of islands formed of coral. An atoll is often formed from a volcano that is submerged in the water.   These old volcanos are extinct, and are […]

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Creatures of Bermuda

Photo credit: laszlo-photo The Spotted Eagle Ray is a member of the ray family!  It is identified by its distinctive white spots and unique duck-like snout. The Eagle Ray is found in tropical waters including those around the island of Bermuda.  When you use our NORTH AMERICA map, be sure to have your students label this island.  (For […]

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Discovering Mississippi River

Native American tribes lived on the Mississippi River long before the now famous European explorers “discovered” the river.  Some of these tribes were small.  Others occupied larger areas around the river.  The Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes were large and powerful, and fought to claim lands and confront newcomers.  Many other smaller tribes that lived around […]

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What is an ISLAND?

ISLAND TERMS AND THEIR DEFINITIONS! Here are a few terms that help explain what an ISLAND is.   Can you and your students come up with other terms that relate to ISLANDS? DESERT ISLAND  An island not inhabited by humans. ATOLL  A coral reef shaped like a circle or ring and is filled with water.  This is usually […]