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The boreal forest is a large forested area that occurs below the tundra in the high northern latitudes of the world.  The area further north of the boreal forest is the land we know as tundra: it is so cold that plant growth is not widespread.   The boreal forest is the coldest area where major vegetation […]

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The deserts of the United States are home to many interesting desert animals. In order to survive, these animals have adapted to the harsh terrain of the arid landscape.   Small, hard and scrambling desert animal! THe MOJAVE DESERT forms a large part of southern California.  Within it are smaller desert areas, some with slightly different […]

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Learning Continent Basics

Students learn the basics of continents and oceans first.  This prepares them to eventually move on to individual continents with advance preparation. A blank map that shows all the bodies of land that make up the continents is very helpful. This large map– 16″ X 20″ — shows the outlines of all the continents, with Antarctica […]