NEW! USA– Five Regions, Five maps! Videos to help, too!

In addition to our ever-popular USA, PLACES AND GEOGRAPHIC FEATURES we are now offering all of the five different USA regions. Your students will learn about each region in great detail, on a large easy-to-label map. Virtual/Distance Learning? Students and teachers can access our easy-to-follow video tutorials for completing map activities. Activities Labeling state names and capitals, as well as drawing […]


Videos to go along with our maps — for class or remote learning!

With the increased demand for teaching tools to facilitate online and distance-learning initiatives, we have begun developing brand new video playlists that take students through completing each of our desk-sized geography activity maps. Each map features a playlist that contains sequential videos that range from 10-15 minutes each. Our cartographer, Jason Newton, takes students step-by-step through labeling […]

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Use our popular CIVIL WAR map!

New Map!  CIVIL WAR: The War Between the American States. A  much-requested addition to our very popular line of history maps! A large, 16″ X 20″ hands-on activity map that outlines the American Civil War. A large format map to support your curriculum! All these features: Two maps in one Small inset map shows Confederate […]

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Mapping the Lewis and Clark Expedition in your classroom

Men With a Mission! As many teachers of American history know, the month of May marks is a special anniversary!  We celebrate the anniversary of the beginning of one of the most famous journeys across the United States. Starting near St. Louis, commissioned by President Jefferson,  Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set out to cross […]

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2018 Rhode Island Geography Bee

The 2018 Rhode Island Geography Bee was held in Cranston, Rhode Island, on April 6, 2018. Know your geography! This year’s Bee in our home state was, as always, a joyful get-together!   Students from 51 Rhode Island schools, ranging from grades 4-8, were involved.  Nine geo-talented students were returning for a second time! Well-prepared students […]