Alaska’s Yukon River

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The Yukon River flows through two countries: the United States and Canada.  The state of Alaska has a long stretch of this river: over 1400 miles.  The remaining 500 miles is in Canada. The source of the river lies in British Columbia in Canada.  

When students work on our hands-on activity map of Alaska, they can see how the Yukon is north of the Denali National Park.   And the Yukon has a couple of important tributaries, one being the Porcupine River in the northeast part of the state.  The Yukon flows into the Norton Sound.

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Salmon Run in the Yukon!

The Yukon River is known to be one of the longest salmon runs on earth.  Salmon live most of their lives in the ocean then migrate over a thousand miles back to clean fresh spawning areas in the river to lay eggs.  The fish depend on unpolluted waters for their survival.

Salmon is a much desired fish since it is high in Omega oils and nutrients.  The fish, especially the Chinook salmon, have large reserves of fat to make their long trip to the spawning grounds possible. 


Gold was discovered in the Klondike area in 1896 and at that point people traveled quickly to try to take advantage of their possibilities.  Many prospectors from all areas would take trails through the mountains and then sail on the Yukon to the sites of the gold. 

Native Americans in the Yukon area

Many native American people live in the Yukon, both past and present.  Chief Isaac of Han, lived near near Dawson, around 1898.  Many native Americans in the Yukon area spoke the Athabascan Languages and still do today.

 yukon native american

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“Canadian Lynx are found around the Yukon River in northern Canada and Alaska.  Compared to other large carnivorous cats like lions and tigers, Canadian lynx are smaller.  These medium-sized muscular cats have a coat of thick dense fur.  This fur allows them to withstand the cold and snowy climate of their area.  Their large paws enable them to walk easily on ice and thick snow  banks. They are recognizable by their triangle shaped ears with distinctive black tufts of fur which help enhance the hearing of the animal.  Along with a keen sense of hearing, they have advanced eyesight that makes it possible for them to spot prey from afar.” 

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